Organic certified essential oils and

plant extracts for industrial use

Essential oils and floral waters

Distillation process

The main process for the production of essential oils is called distillation. The essential oils are extracted from the plant raw material by steam, and the separation of the aromatic substances from the water happens through purely physical principles.

Depending on the type of raw material for processing, the technological equipment in the Ecomaat Distillery allows the production of essential oils and floral waters by steam, water, and water-steam distillation. The principles of distillation have been known since ancient times and today they are still fundamental in the production of essential oils.

Modern technologies, experience, and traditions

In our modern distillery in the village of Mirkovo, we combine the expertise of more than 150 years of experience and tradition in the production of essential oils, with Bulgarian “know-how” and technological improvements that allow full control of operating parameters, which are of paramount importance for the process of distillation.

Over 50 hectares of own gardens

The proximity of our gardens to the Ecomaat Distillery allows fast delivery of plant raw materials immediately after harvest, as well as immediate processing, which in most cases is extremely important for the quality of the produced essential oils.

Product range
  • Rose oil (Rosa Damascena) and rose water,
  • Lavender oil and lavender water,
  • Essential oils from plants endemic to Bulgaria,
  • and many others.

Supercritical CO2 extracts

CO2 Ecomaat01
The technology of the future

The extraction of active substances and essential oils by liquefied gases (known as supercritical fluid extraction) is a high-tech process recognized as the technology of the future for the production of natural, aromatic products.

What is supercritical extraction?

Extraction with supercritical fluids and liquefied gases is the most modern technology in the world, which uses the properties of carbon dioxide CO2 as a solvent. At high pressure and low operating temperature, carbon dioxide “enters” a supercritical phase and dissolves the substances from the plant matrix – aromatic molecules, active substances, and vitamins, without changing their properties.

At certain values of temperature and pressure, the liquid and gaseous phases of a fluid become indistinguishable. These conditions are called supercritical conditions, and the resulting substance is called a supercritical fluid. In this way, the technology allows taking advantage of the liquid and gaseous state. Supercritical CO2 has an increased density similar to that of the liquid state, reduced viscosity similar to the gaseous state, surface tension, and increased diffusion.

Thus, CO2 extraction provides ideal conditions for the extraction of a wide range of substances, including those that are thermolabile. Because CO2 is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly (does not directly deplete the ozone layer), and is cheap and affordable, it is the most widely used gas for supercritical extraction. Compared to more toxic extractants such as hexane, CO2 leaves no dangerous residues of extractant after extraction.

The only ones in Bulgaria

Ecomaat is a leader in Bulgaria in terms of technological diversity for processing plant raw materials. We work with 3 different technologies, including supercritical extraction.

Thanks to the technological advantages, we manage to extract and invest in our final products, extremely high quality and at the same time unique worldwide, raw materials, such as 100% natural, bio-certified extracts from Linden, Iris, Lilac Elderflower.

Product range
  • Rose CO2 extracts from Rosa Damascena & Rosa Alba
  • Linden blossoms CO2 extract
  • Iris CO2 extract
  • Zdravets CO2 extract and many others.

Cavitation extracts

Cavitation extraction – more about the technology

Another technology applied for deep extraction of plant raw materials consists in the destruction of cellular structures and extraction of intracellular components by applying micro implosion.

This phenomenon is known as “cavitation” – in order to extract active substances from cellular and subcellular plant organelles, cell membranes must be destroyed. The plant raw material to be processed is soaked in a liquid medium (aqueous, aqueous-alcoholic, glycerin, and even lipid solution). The process is carried out at a moderate temperature, thus avoiding changes in thermosensitive components.

Modern, green technologies

The use of cavitation extraction is a new technology with many possibilities. It can be applied not only safely and without negative environmental impact, but also with efficiency and a guaranteed economy.

The cavitation extraction completes the technological diversification of Ecomaat Ltd., making it a recognizable technological leader in Bulgaria in terms of processing plant raw materials on an industrial scale for the needs of various productions and developments.

Product range

In practice the product range of cavitation extracts includes processing of all available varieties of plant raw materials upon customer’s order depending on our partners needs and requirements.

Natural flavors

Natural Flavors

We offer implementation of natural flavors for water and beverages with organic certified extracts of traditional and endemic for Bulgaria plant species. Upon assignment of projects for development of new products, we also offer processing of plant raw materials delivered by the customer.

As a result of our collaboration with mineral and spring water bottling companies, now consumers enjoy products for daily consumption with exceptional organoleptic characteristics and taste.

Product range
  • Rose flavour with Rose essential oil;
  • Linden flavours derived from Tilia Cordata blossoms;
  • Elderflower flavours derived from Sambucus nigra flowers;
  • Mountain tea flavours derived from Sideritis Scardica herbs;
  • Spearmint flavours derived from Mentha Spicata herbs;
  • Flavours developed upon assignment.

No compromises on quality with the best of nature and technology

We guarantee the uncompromising quality of all essential oils and extracts, controlling every process in a closed production cycle – from the garden to the final product. We grow healthy plants in our own gardens without herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, following the natural rhythms and methods of organic farming. We use environmentally friendly production practices and the most modern green technologies that protect nature and its resources.

  • The highest quality guaranteed by a closed production cycle – from the garden to the final product

  • Bio certified, according to the strict standards of USDA Organic

  • Modern, green extraction technologies

  • Care about nature and ecological production with almost zero waste

Certifications and awards