Natural & Deluxe

Luxurious and pure, completely natural organic cosmetics for daily use

Natural & Deluxe is a luxury collection of organic certified cosmetics – exclusive, 100% pure, and super effective formulas for daily skin care. The products in the series contain supercritical extracts rich in unique active ingredients and the finest aromatic molecules, which have no analog and cannot be extracted in any other way.

  • 100% natural and orgainc certified to the highest USDA standards;
  • Unique active ingredients in supercritical plant extracts;
  • Stored only in a dark pharmaceutical glass of the highest class.

The products from the Natural & Deluxe collection are designed for modern people with environmental awareness and sustainable thinking, who value modern technologies in harmony with nature.

Exceptional ingredients

The products from the Natural & Deluxe collection contain high-quality CO2 extracts, used as active substances, that stimulate the key mechanisms of the skin. Gentle, sweet, or tart, at the same time fresh, the aromas of the products from this collection are produced by applying the most innovative technology for processing plant raw materials. Their most valuable, highly efficient ingredients are selectively extracted at low temperature and high pressure, in an inert environment by “supercritical carbon dioxide extraction”. A complex process that prevents oxidation and thermal decomposition of even the most sensitive bioactive substances, such as sterols, tocopherols, carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, essential oil molecules, and as a result the so-called CO2 extracts are absolutely pure, without traces of organic solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Pure and highly efficient

The remarkable efficiency and lasting results from the use of the products from the Natural & Deluxe collection are due to the pronounced antioxidant, hypoallergenic, immunostimulating, and anti-inflammatory properties preserved in the CO2 extracts. They maintain the natural balance of the skin, and the absolute purity of the authentic fragrances envelops the senses and leaves a delicate and harmonizing layer on the skin. Fast-penetrating lipid formulas offer perfect and intense, daily care for long-lasting results for healthy skin with a youthful appearance and vitality. Beyond the standards of natural cosmetics, they create a feeling of true luxury and bring pleasure to use.

Natural & Deluxe products

Face balms

100% natural and pure organic skincare for health and beauty.

Face fluids

Highly effective formulas rich in active ingredients, with completely authentic flavors.

Thermal waters

Perfect to the last detail – from the purity of the ingredients to the carefully selected bottle.

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