Consulting services

Sustainable solutions in the field of organic farming and processing of essential oil-bearing plants

Over 20 years of experience and expertise


If you plan to create and put into the production new and competitive products, we offer professional consulting and expertise in various industries:

R&D activities


Development and extraction of natural and bio certified flavors, concentration of compounds and active substances, creation of flavorings from Bulgarian plants and herbs for inclusion in formulas and natural preparations, in foods, food supplements, in natural medicines and therapies, ingredients for perfumery and cosmetics. Research and development on methods for producing plant extracts and aromatic notes which do not exist naturally.

Products developed by Ecomaat have been successfully implemented in the production of food and beverages in Bulgaria and the EU and include dairy products, water, beverages, confectionery.

Sustainable organic farming solutions


Advice on sustainable practices in organic farming and growing essential oils. The agricultural activities implemented in the Ecomaat fields are a system of practices that maintain the soil, ecosystem, and people in good and healthy condition, promoting fair relations and good quality of life for all participants. They rely on and are based on ecological processes, biodiversity, and cycles, adapted to local conditions that combine tradition and innovation in science and agriculture.

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