La Vie en Rose

Beauty from within

Specially developed with cosmetic concept, the food supplements and cosmetic products from the La Vie en Rose series combine the traditional and well-known production of rose oil with the innovative technology for extracting active substances from the flowers of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose using supercritical carbon dioxide.

The concept of “beauty from within”, embodied in the series La Vie en Rose, reveals the secrets of the oil-bearing Rosa Damascena – the consumption of various products made from Bulgarian rose dates back to ancient times with proven effectiveness, and today it is documented that the scent of roses affects the secretion of stress-induced hormones and improves their balance.

Beauty and health supplements

La Vie en Rose supplements are rich in substances that support the normal functioning of the skin and affect the development of hair and nails. They contain organic certified rose oil and CO2 extracts of oil-bearing rose and rosehip.

Numerous medical studies have demonstrated and proven their beneficial effect on the condition of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, bile, and liver, as well as on the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, La Vie en Rose helps to restore the normal function of the skin and gives it a radiant and youthful appearance.

The nutricosmetics products help to restore the structure of the epidermis, improve the level of hydration and elasticity, protect against the aggressive effects of free oxygen radicals, solar radiation, and support the even formation of tan.

The beauty within

The unique combination with aroma and taste of Bulgarian rose is convenient and pleasant to use – it is designed for easy dosing and for daily intake with water, juice, tea, or coffee, without leading to accumulation. Including La Vie en Rose products in a healthy lifestyle adds numerous, healthy “side effects” – they balance the general condition of the body and gently relax the senses.

Recommended for complete elimination of stress. They help to improve sleep and the rapid recovery of the body, which leads to correction of the condition and imperfections of the skin. Accelerates the revealing of beauty, balances women’s health, acts as an internal perfume – after consumption, aromatic molecules are radiated through the skin and gently perfume it.

La Vie en Rose – products


Specially developed with a cosmetic concept, they contain 100% natural, organic certified ingredients.

Cosmetic products

Genuine and highly effective care for health, youth, and beauty, with the invaluable ingredients extracted from the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose.

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