SPA Maat

Organic cosmetic professional line with essential oils

The professional line SPA MAAT is based on the pharmacological properties of the Bulgarian aromatic plants. It includes expert, comprehensive beauty care, combining natural formulas, aromatherapy, and special techniques based on original methods developed by the professionals of Ecomaat. The products of Spa Maat line are designed for the clients of selected beauty salons, spas, and wellness centers. It is a selection of three main types of aromatherapy products: organic-certified face, neck and body oils, various essential oils, and floral waters, which are used with a synergistic approach in cosmetic treatments. They have an intense effect and lead to visible and lasting results.

Face, neck and body oils

They contain a lipid complex composed of valuable and carefully selected, skin-nourishing plant oils, essential oils and plant extracts, whose aroma turns every treatment into a sophisticated and stress-relieving skin therapy.

They are used in face and body treatments and are applied through massage techniques, combined with shiatsu elements from the eastern manual therapies. With a gentle and rhythmic massage, the active substances enter the human body – mainly through the skin, but also through the olfactory system and lungs. In this way, they increase the amounts of oxygen and nutrients in the tissues, improve physiological processes and the body’s protective reactions. They bind free radicals in cells, improve the protective barrier and slow down the aging process by:

  • softening, regenerating, and improving skin elasticity;
  • stimulating the metabolic processеs in the tissues, improving blood circulation and immunity;
  • positive effect on lymphatic drainage and peripheral vessels;
  • bio-active resonance lasting hours after completion of the treatments;
  • and most importantly – the balance of processes in the body: on a physical and emotional level.

Bio floral waters

Ecomaat floral waters are the fastest and most effective means of hydrating the skin. They are used to tone and refresh the face – for all skin types. They are combined with all face, neck and body oils and have an exceptional hydrating effect. Suitable for daily skin care without age restrictions. Ecomaat floral waters are 100% organic certified and:

  • do not contain alcohol or other preservatives, unlike many mass products;
  • have a high concentration, and what preserves them is the greater amount of essential oil contained;
  • have effective therapeutic properties and lovely aromas;
  • all are stored only in high-quality, cosmetic grade glass containers.

Essential oils

Twelve authentic Bulgarian aromas, distilled by Ecomaat with great care from carefully selected raw materials. Their use is combined in harmony with the face, neck and body oils from the Spa Maat line and can be applied in acupuncture areas. Genuine and effective aromatherapy!

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