From perfectly natural – to naturally perfect

organic certified skin care and food supplements

The skin care products and food supplements produced by Ecomaat meet the requirements of the highest class of products in the luxury segment for cosmetics with 100% natural and organic certified ingredients.

Natural & Deluxe

Luxury organic cosmetics for daily use

natural & deluxe is a luxury collection of organic certified cosmetics – exclusive, 100% pure, and super effective formulas for daily skincare. The products in the series contain supercritical extracts, rich in unique active ingredients and the finest aromatic molecules, which have no analog and cannot be extracted in any other way.

La Vie en Rose

Beauty from within

Specially developed with a cosmetic concept, our food supplements and skin care products of La Vie en Rose series combine the traditional and well-known production of rose essential oil with the innovative technology for extracting active substances from the flowers of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose using supercritical carbon dioxide.

Spa Maat

Professional cosmetic line

Face, neck and body oils, floral waters, and essential oils – gentle and effective care, based on the pharmacological properties of Bulgarian aromatic plants. Designed for therapeutic treatments in beauty salons, spas and wellness centers. The line offers complete beauty care, combining natural formulas, aromatherapy, and the special manual techniques developed by our experts.

Opportunities for partnership

If you sell organic products and want to include Ecomaat products in the portfolio of your store, cosmetic or spa studio – do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

Certifications and awards