Ecomaat Bulgaria WHO WE ARE The Feather of Truth or the truth for beautiful skin

Inspired by nature

We create high quality organic certified cosmetics, food supplements, essential oils and supercritical extracts for the skin care, perfumery, pharmaceutical and food industries

Products from Rosa Damascena
100% organic certified
Authentic, high-quality organic rose oil and rose water distilled from Rosa Damascena flowers.
Exceptional CO2 extracts
rare and innovative
Exclusive CO2 extract from Bulgarian Rose (Rosa Damascena & Rosa Alba), Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris), Linden (Tilia Cordata) and many more.
Natural flavours
for the food industry
100% natural and organic certified flavors for mineral and spring waters and production of beverages and soft drinks.
Organic cosmetics
of the highest class
Natural & deluxe – 100% organic cosmetic series with supercritical CO2 extracts and innovative active ingredients with authentic and natural aromas.
Organic food supplements
with Bulgarian Rose
La Vie en Rose – rose capsules and drops with a cosmetic concept – “Beauty from within”, through the benefits of the rose products on the human body.
Professional cosmetics
Organic SPA line
SPA MAAT – developed especially for professional use in SPA centers, beauty salons, and cosmetic studios.


100% natural and organic cosmetic products

We develop and produce organic certified cosmetic products with uncompromising quality and efficiency. We sell our products in Bulgaria and abroad and have distribution channels in many countries around the world, where we offer:

– food supplements with Bulgarian Rose;

– skin care products for professionals with essential oils;

– skin care and aromatherapy products for home use.

Raw materials for industrial use

We produce, offer and export raw materials that are designed to meet and cover the growing demand for natural products from various industries and productions – food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical, and perfume industry:

– essential oils and floral waters produced by steam distillation;

– plant extracts made by extraction with supercritical CO2;

– extracts obtained by cavitation technology.


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The highest quality and care for nature

We guarantee the excellent quality of each of our products, controlling every process and ingredient in a completely closed production cycle – from the garden to the final product. We grow healthy plants in our own gardens without herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, following the natural rhythms and methods of organic farming. We use environmentally friendly production practices and the most modern green technologies that protect nature and its resources.

  • 50 ha of own gardens;

  • Bio certification of the highest level;

  • Ultra-modern, green extraction technologies;

  • Closed, ecological production cycle with almost 0 waste.

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